Adi Nes

Born in Kiryat Gat, Israel, 1966

Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Graduate of the Photography Dept., Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, 1992


Awards and Scholarships


1993        -              Sandra Jacobs's Anglo-Israeli Photographic Awards Project Scholarship,

Department of Plastic Arts, Ministry of Culture

1999        -              Education, Culture & Sport Minister's Prize for Artists in the Visual Arts

2000        -              The Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation Israeli Art Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

2003        -              Constantiner Prize for Photography, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Since 2005

                 -              A chosen artist of the Israel Cultural Excellence Foundation (IcExcellence)


Selected One-Person Exhibitions


1993        -              Camera Obscura Gallery, Tel Aviv (with Nomi Talisman)

1996        -              "First Act," the Photography Department Gallery, Bezalel Academy of Art and

 Design, Jerusalem; Curator: Assaf Romano

1997        -              "To Be Taken Captive," The Open Museum of Photography, Tel-Hai; Curators:

 students of the Culture, Curatorship and Criticism Seminar, Camera Obscura,

 Tel Aviv

1998        -              "The Soldiers," Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam; Curator: Susan Dechert

2000        -              Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv (catalogue)

2001        -              "Recent Photographs" (The Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation Israeli Art Prize),

 Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Curator: Ellen Ginton (catalogue)

2002        -              Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego, California; The Museum of

Contemporary Photography, Columbia College, Chicago; Curator: Toby Kamps


2003        -              Constantiner Prize for Photography show, Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Curator: Nili

Goren (catalogue)

 -              UQAM Gallery, Montreal, Canada

 -              Jack Shainman Gallery, New York


2004        -              Galerie Praz Delavallade, Paris

 -              Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

 -              "Between Promise and Possibility: The Photographs of Adi Nes," Fine Arts

Museum of San Francisco; Curator: Daniell Cornell (catalogue)

2007        -              "Biblical Stories," Jack Shainman Gallery, New York

 -              "Biblical Stories," Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Curator: Mordechai Omer (catalogue)

2008        -              "Biblical Stories," Galerie Praz Delavallade, Paris

-               "Biblical Stories," Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio


Selected Group Exhibitions


1992        -              Graduates' Exhibition, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

1993        -              "Jewish Gay Life," Winners of The Anglo-Israeli Photographic Awards show,

Nicky Akehurst Gallery, London; The Artists' House Gallery, Jerusalem


1994        -               "90-70-90," Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Curator: Rona Sela (catalogue; You Are,

poster hung at the entrance to the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for

Contemporary Art)

-               "Export Surplus," Bograshov Gallery (in the framework of ArtFocus events);

Curator: Ariella Azoulay

1996        -               "Israeli Diary," Tel Aviv Cinematheque; Curator: Tamar Amitai (catalogue)

-               "An Alternate Dictionary," Borohov Gallery, Tel Aviv; Curators and Editors: Gil

Nader and Michael Gluzman (Dictionary)

-               "The Virtual Museum," Works from an exhibition that did not take place at

the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, a special issue of Studio Art Magazine

(no. 74, August 1996), edited by Ariella Azoulay

1997        -               "The Israelis: Shuka Glotman, Avi Ganor, Adi Nes, Micha Kirshner," The School of

Visual Art, Beer Sheva; Curator: Haim Maor (brochure)

-               "Icons of Masculinity," Limbus Gallery, Mishkan Le'omanuyot, Ramat Hasharon;

Curators: Dafna Ichilov, Judith Guetta, Galia Gur Zeev

-               "Who created me according to His will," Camera Obscura, Tel Aviv; Curators: Zvia

Nudel, Vered Maimon

1998        -               "After Rabin: New Art from Israel," The Jewish Museum, New York; Curator:

Susan Goodman (catalogue)

-               "Les Fous du Roi," Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Nîmes, France; Curator: Sarit Shapira

-               "Bamot, 1948-1998: Art from Israel," The Jewish Museum, Vienna; Curator: Oz


-               "Condition Report: Photography in Israel Today," The Israel Museum, Jerusalem;

Curator: Nissan Perez

-               "Kol Hakavod: Representations of Respect for the Other in Contemporary Israeli

Art," Yanko Dada Museum, Ein Hod; Curator: Haim Maor

-               "Capturing Reality: 19 Israeli and Palestinian Photographers," Tennessee State

Museum, Nashville; Curator: Nella Cassouto (catalogue)

-               "Serial Number: The Image of the Soldier in Israeli Art," Commemorative Center,

Kiryat Tivon; Municipal Gallery, Rehovot; Curator: Esti Reshef

-               "Black Nudes: New Identities," Tropical Museum, Amsterdam; Curators: Mellissa

Matsamoti, Rudy Chotoe

1999        -               Winners of the Education, Culture & Sport Minister's Prize for Artists in the

Visual Arts, The Artists' House, Tel Aviv (catalogue)

-               "Old and New: Recent Acquisitions in Photography," The Israel Museum,

Jerusalem; Curator: Nissan Perez (catalogue)

-               "About Raffi," Nofar Gallery, Tel Aviv (book)

2000        -               "Time Frame: A Century of Photography in the Land of Israel," The Israel

Museum, Jerusalem; Curator: Nissan Perez (catalogue)

-               "La Republica dell'arte: Israel," Palazzo delle Papesse - Centro Arte

Contemporanea, Sienna, Italy; Curator: Sarit Shapira (catalogue)

-               " Exposure: Recent Acquisitions from the Doron Sebbag Art Collection, O.R.S.

Ltd," Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Curator: Aya Lurie (catalogue)

-               "From Mirror to Memory: One Hundred Years of Photography in the Land

of Israel, 1900-2000," Mane Katz Museum, Haifa; Curator: Vivienne Silver-Brody


2001        -               "Six Photographers," Dvir Gallery, Tel Aviv

-               "Re-thinking: Contemporary Art from Israel," ifa Galleries, Bonn, Stuttgart, and

Berlin; Curator: Yael Katz Ben-Shalom (catalogue)

-               "Aspiration: Toward the Future in the Middle East – Photographs by Palestinian

and Israeli Artists," The Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery, Columbus, Ohio;

traveling to South America; Curators: Nella Cassouto, Robert Stearns


2002        -               "Armory Show: Young Art from Israel," Goch Museum, Goch, Germany; Curator:

Steffen Fischer (catalogue)

-               "Mother Tongue," Ein Harod Museum of Art; Curator: Tal Ben-Zvi (book: Eastern


-               "Israeli Habitat," Mishkanot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem; Curator: Nirit Nelson

2003        -               "Corpus Christi: Representations of Christ in Photography, 1850-2001," Hotel

de Sully, Paris; International House of Photography, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg;

Kulturhuset Stockholm; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Curator: Nissan Perez


-               "The Rules of the Game," Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv


-               "Young Israeli Art: From the Jacques and Genia Ohana Collection," Tel Aviv

Museum of Art; Curator: Allen Ginton (catalogue)

-               "Chimères: monstres et merveilles de la mythologie aux biotechnologies," Salle

d’exposition du Quai Antoine 1er, Monaco; Curator: Didier Ottinger

-               "Saint Sebastian: A Splendid Readiness for Death," Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna


-               "Agrupémonos Todos (Come Rally)," MARCO, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

de Vigo; ARTIUM, Basque Centre of Contemporary Art, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain;

Curators: Javier G. Durana and Daniel Euguskia (brochure)

-               "Show Your Wounds," Goethe Institute, Tel Aviv; curator: Yael Katz Ben-Shalom

-               "Fable de l'identité: From the Collection of NSMVie," Centre national de la

photographie, Paris; Curator: R. Durand

-               "Attack! – Art and War in the Age of Media," Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; Curators:

Thomas Mießgang, Gabriele Mackert (catalogue)

-               "The Promise, The Land," The O.K. Center of Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria;

Curator: Stella Rolling (catalogue)

2004        -               "In Days Gone By, At This Time: Contemporary Photographs and Rubin's

Paintings," Rubin Museum, Tel Aviv; Curators: Carmela Rubin, Shira Naftali


-               "Collective Perspectives: New Acquisitions Celebrate the Centennial," The

Jewish Museum, New York; Curator: Susan Goodman

-               "Uproar of Emotions: Passions in Contemporary Photography," Museum für

Photographie, Braunschweig, Germany; Curator: Wiebke Ratzeburg (catalogue)

-               "Spread in Prato," event organized by Dryphoto Contemporary Art, Prato, Italy;

Curator: Pier Luigi Tazzi (catalogue)

-               "Common Ground: Selections from the Collection of Julia J. Norrell," Corcoran

Gallery of Art, Washington DC; Curator: Philip Brookman (catalogue)

-               "Self Portrait with a Camera," Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv

-               "En Guerra," Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Spain; Curators:

Antonio Monegal , Francesc Torres y José María Ridao (catalogue)

-               "Uniform Ltd. – Soldier Representation in Contemporary Israeli Art," Ben

Gurion University of the Negev, Israel: Curators: Haim Maor and his students


2005        -               "Chaim–Life: Israel through the Photographer's Lens," the Laurie M. Tisch

Gallery, JCC, New York; Curator: Andrea Meislin

-               "Acting Out: Invented Melodrama in Contemporary Photography," University

of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City; Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, New

York; Curator: Kathleen A. Edwards (catalogue)

-               "Israeli Contemporary Photography," Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome;

Curator: Orit Youdovich (catalogue)

-               "Dreaming Art/Dreaming Reality: Nathan Gottesdiener Foundation, the

Israeli Prize, The First Decade," Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Curator: Ellen Ginton


-               "The New Hebrews: A Century of Art in Israel," Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin;

Curators: Doreet LeVitte Harten, Yigal Zalmona (catalogue)

-               "Humanscape: Painting, Sculpture and Photography from the Israel Phoenix

Collection," Ashdod Art Museum, Monart Center; Curators: Yona Fisher, Miri Ben

Moshe (catalogue)

-               "Power: Israeli Art 4,” Reading Power Station, Tel Aviv; Curator: Doron Rabina


2006        -               "Inside-Out: Contemporary Artists from Israel," MARCO, Museo de Arte

Contemporáneo de Vigo, Spain; Curator: Octavio Zaya (catalogue)

-               "Making Scenes: Stage Photography Since the 1980s," Haifa Museum of Art;

Curator: Tal Yahas (brochure)

-               "Doron: Art and Workers Rights in Israel," Minshar Gallery, Tel Aviv; Curators: Roy

Chicky Arad, Joshua Simon, Maayan Strauss

-               "Into Me / Out of Me," P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York; KW Institute for

Contemporary Art, Berlin; Curator: Klaus Biesenbach (catalogue)

-               "Acting the Part: Photography as Theater," The National Gallery of Canada,

Ottawa, Ontario; Curator: Lori Pauli

-               "In Between Places: New art from Israel," Vivian Horan Fine Art, New York;

Curator: Kari Conte

-               "Art of Living: Contemporary Photography and Video from the Israel Museum,"

The Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco; Curator: Nissan Perez

-               "Recent Acquisitions," Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, the de Young

Museum; Curator: Daniell Cornell

-               "Haifa in the Eye of the Camera: The First Half of the 20th Century," Haifa City

Museum; Curator: Yehudit Matzkel (catalogue)

-               "Men," The Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan; Curator: Sagi Refael (catalogue)

-               "Beyond Richness," The Uri and Rami Nechushtan Museum, Kibbutz Ashdot

Yaakov Meuchad; Curator: Hagai Segev

-               "Israel: Art and Life, 1906-2006," Palazzo Reale, Milan; Curator: Amnon Barzel

-               "Cradle of Christianity," Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Curators: Dorit

David Mevorah, Yael Israeli, Adolfo Roitman

2007        -               "Engagement: Israeli Photography Now," The Israel Museum, Jerusalem;

Curator: Nissan Perez

-               "Six Days Plus Forty Years", Petach -Tikva Museum Of Art; Curator: Dorit Gur Arie           

-               "Moods and Modes in Israeli Photography" Works from the Collection Gift of Leon and Michaela Constantiner

-               "Expose Life", Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem

                -               "Bible Now", Municipal Art Gallery Rehovot, M. Smilansky Cultural Center


2008        -               "Israel@60", The Jewish Museum Berkley, CA

-               "Between Memory and History: From the Epic to the Everyday", Museum of Contemporary
Canadian Art, Toronto, Canada 

-               "Access to Israel, (first part)", Museum Judengasse, Frankfurt, Germany

-               "Art of the State: Contemporary Photography and Video Art from Israel, Jewish Historical  

                  Museum, Amsterdam

-               "Real Time: Art in Israel 1998-2008" Israel Museum, Jerusalem

-               "Eventually We'll Die: Young Art in Israel of the Nineties", Herzlia Museum of Contemporary Art

-               "ITCA 2008 – International Triennale of Contemporary Art", Veletrzni Palace, National Gallery

                  in Prague

-               " After All: Beauty and Suffering. De Boterhal in Hoorn, The Netherlands